The Mines

The mines are the lifeblood of Blackstone. They are the source of Blackstone’s riches from iron ore and admantine to gemstones and silver. But that was the golden age of Blackstone. Now the majority of the mines have been abandoned save for one, where the bounty of iron ore can still be found.

Tunnel A This is the one active mine left. It goes deep, several levels into the mountain. Recently the miners have found a new vein of iron ore.

Mine Manager’s Office This office is no longer used by Arthur Turello. After the other mines were abandoned, it was too far away from the one active mine. His office is now in one of the larger miner hovels.

Miner’s Hovels Their lodgings aren’t much but it’s home.

The Heaps and Warehouses The heaps are mostly unwanted material from the mines and the warehouses are full of unprocessed iron ore.

Abandoned Mines Once the source of Blackstone’s greatest treasures, these mines have been abandoned. Warning signs are posted to keep people out and they are boarded up, it seems, to keep something else in.

The Mines

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