Blackstone is a small mining town nestled up against the slopes of Mount Razor in the Ironspike Mountain Range. It began it’s existence long ago as a limestone quarry where slaves would toil endlessly cutting blocks for use in the building of ancient temples to the south. The great civilization that built those temples faded into legend and the dwarven kingdoms filled the void left behind. As they dug through the mountainside the dwarves discovered rich deposits of iron ore, silver and even rare gemstones. A small mining camp sprung up along the banks of the Iron River. The dwarves dug deep, as they often do, and soon found a vein of adamantine. By this discovery, the camp boomed into a full-fledged dwarven community. Blackstone developed a reputation of creating some of the finest weapons and armor sought after by warlords and adventurers across Chorrath.

But that was before the Bane Wars.

The adamantine deposit and it’s location at the base of [[Giant’s Pass]], caused Blackstone to be a strategic location and the town changed hands nearly a dozen times during the century long war. But then the adamantine vein ran out. Both sides of the conflict abandoned Blackstone to its’ fate. Iron ore was plentiful enough in other, less remote locations. The war raged on and Blackstone became nothing more than a ghost town.

The Bane Wars left the world in ruin. Once great civilizations crumbled to dust and the world plunged into darkness. But Blackstone lived on. There is always a need for iron ore and the town is still known for exceptional arms and armor. A small section of the great tunnels are still mined today, squeezing what little ore they can out of the earth. But most of the great mines of Blackstone have been abandoned. Although it is said if one goes deep enough one can hear the howls of ages past.

Today, Blackstone is mostly old Dwarves and young Humans trying to scrape a living out of the land. They trade with the nearby towns of Ashenport to the west and Tarnwood Falls to the south. A few Half Elves live and work in town, relics of the Bane War atrocities. The occasional Magnon even comes through town trading furs and pelts from the wilderness to the east. Feyn caravans also come through at least once a year to trade exotic goods from far to the south. Elves, however, are a rare sight indeed. It is said that their kind destroyed the world during the Bane Wars and thus they are hated and spit upon should they show their pointed faces in the area.

This is where our heroes grew up. The town was relatively quiet during their childhood with nothing more than the occasional bandit raid. But things are about to get very exciting, as they often do.


Blackstone Starklord