Something in the Deep

It’s been two days since Engor’s Folly. The Council of Five is still deliberating on how to save the town. Engor Zulsaran is restrained under house arrest while Blackstone’s citizens wait nervously at the Rusty Kettle Tavern. They are angry for what Engor has done. A group of drunk miners, lead by a man named Bernard, cry for Engor’s head. They loudly state that the Blackstone needs to restrict the use of magic like The Order of the Blue Stone has done in the nearby town of Tarnwood Falls. Our heroes disagree with Bernard who throws drunken insults they’re way, inciting a full fledged tavern brawl! Glaegin Hammerclaw and the Council soon break it up, but not until after Carrot knocked several men unconscious.

Later that night, Korin and Aureo noticed a man walking toward them. He seems not to notice them and shambles past, unresponsive to any attempt to interact. Korin and Aureo follow the man into the mines where he promptly jumps down a shaft to his death. It is soon discovered that more men have gone missing and many people around town have felt a strange tug at their minds. Arthur Turello orders the mines closed and watched the next night. Unfortunately, this doesn’t prevent more people from going missing, including his own daughter Phaere Turello. Arthur recruits the help of our heroic trio and together they enter the mines.

Soon, they head down a dangerous tunnel where a cave-in separates Arthur from the group. The only way around is to go down a hole marked with a skull with no eye sockets. The trio explore a maze of tunnels, and soon discover the body of Bernard, the man they brawled with the night before at the tavern. Then, they are nearly overwhelmed by a group of barbaric, eyeless, grimlocks. A narrow escape down a slippery slope finds them in the middle of an underground lake.

The lake turns out to be the water source for an ancient underground dwarven mining complex. After a long rest, the trio explore the tunnels looking for a way out. They discover an old chapel to Moradin, a dining hall filled with dire rats and an Otyugh, miner’s quarters and ore storage. They fight off gricks, darkmantles and a choker and are haunted by an unknown presence.

In the mine manager’s office they find a journal written in dwarven and the mine’s manifest detailing a year’s worth of gems and ore mined from the deep. The journal details how the dwarves discovered a huge gem deposit, including a few very strange gems that glowed with an eerie blue light. The dwarves mined more of these gems and made a very good living selling them off to the highest bidders: lords and their ladies, wealthy merchants and even a Magnon chieftain. But soon things started to go wrong in the mine. Cave-ins and deadly accidents began to increase in number. The miners began to act strange, paranoid and even a few murders. Soon the mine was abandoned and the gem mine collapsed. The journal’s entries ended there.

Our heroes meet a grimlock shaman named Sadak who turns out to be the presence haunting them before. The shaman implores them to help destroy “many-mouths”. Sadak explained that many-mouths is in his mind and attempting to take it over. Sadak was doing everything he could to fight off the mental barrage. The heroes must destroy it and save his tribe. Sadak also gives the PCs a cryptic warning: “Beware the Seven Shades of Blue!”

The dwarven complex happened to connect to the rubble of the mine shaft the mephits collapsed a few days before. On top of this rubble, our heroes discover a gibbering mouther, controlling several grimlocks. A fierce battle ensues but our heroes emerged victorious. Within the mouther, they discover another of these mysterious blue gems!

The rubble was easily climbable and the weary trio escaped through the abandoned mine. Once on the surface, they discover that Arthur and Phaere Turello managed to escape the mine on their own (mainly because the DM completely forgot about them while running the game).



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