Engor's Folly

Engor Zulsaran, the resident eccentric wizard of Blackstone, lost control of a summoning experiment. Fire mephits and elementals escaped his wards and wreaked havoc throughout the town, burning half of the warehouses (indluding Blackstone’s winter food stores) and nearly destroying Sternfist’s Smithy before finding they’re way into a mine. Korin, Aureo and Carrot helped to put out the fire and defeat the mephits at the smithy. They then entered the mines to destroy the mephits before they cause more damage. As a last desperate act, the mephits blew up an old barrel of dwarven explosives and collapsed the mine shaft! Our heroes barely escaped with their lives. The people of Blackstone were thankful of the trio and Glaegin Hammerclaw rewarded them with they’re choice items from what was left of his smithy.

Now, however, Blackstone is faced with a desperate situation. Their food stores have been destroyed and winter is coming soon. As the Council of Five debates on what to do, the people of Blackstone call for justice against Engor.



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